Designed with the smaller church in mind, the Neos is compact and economical, yet still features one of our larger working areas. 

Introducing one of our newest designs featuring a removable front glass panel. Whether you wish to change the name or the logo of your church, the colour of the glass, or merely want to highlight a special service or season, it will now be as easy as ordering a new panel!


Neos Panel Pulpit - $1,400
NC13 - Clear Glass
NC13G - Tinted Glass

♦  Removable 3/8” architectural glass panel
♦  Custom etching of panel
♦  Oak top, sides and book rest
♦  Oak base with recessed castors
♦  Choice of clear or tinted glass
♦  Choice of 8 wood stains
♦  Height can be specified +/- 3” from standard

♦  Color fill of etching