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Jeff Kennedy

Jeff grew up in the Atlanta area, son and grandson of ministers.  With his father, a minister of music and his mother a pianist/organist… his second home was at the church. He considers his Christian heritage a blessing and has served in churches in different capacities and leadership roles for over 20 years.  He currently volunteers in the worship ministry at his home church.  He has 3 beautiful girls, enjoys weekend motorcycle rides and playing the piano!

After college, Jeff utilized his degree in design for 10 years.  Most of that time was focused in textile design which took him to North Carolina within the furniture industry.  He was approached by his VP to start a new venture in textiles…sales.  Being a people person at heart, he started that journey.  He soon found himself calling on the manufacturers of church furniture companies within the Southeast.  One company took notice of him and asked if he would be interested in helping churches with their need of furniture.  Being a son of a minister and having a heart to help churches, he adventurously accepted the new path…and still is enjoying the journey!

Jeff has assisted churches, funeral homes and businesses with their acquisition of furniture now since 2001.  He has helped about every church denomination; large and small size congregations; from the country to the inner city; from New York to Wisconsin down to Louisiana and Georgia.  He has worked with thousands of churches, driven almost a million miles and has successful installations in 18 states!

He often says “I haven’t seen it all” – but in 16 years, he seen enough to guide most people in making a quality decision!

With his experience, I'm sure he can find a solution for you! 

King Church Furniture

King Church Furniture, located in Dothan, Alabama, was opened by C.W. King, Sr. in the early 1920s as King Furniture Manufacturing Company. Mr. King began by restoring and refinishing antique furniture and later grew to the manufacture of reproduction antique furniture. In the mid-forties, a local church commissioned Mr. King to manufacture the pews for their new sanctuary and history was made.

In 1946, Mr. King (Uncle Charlie) changed his business to the manufacture of Church Furniture. The long experience of crafting and refinishing household furniture worked hand-in-hand along with the manufacturing and restoration of Church Furniture. Uncle Charlie and his sons, C.W. King, Jr. (Buddy) and Phillip worked together in the business for many years. In 1992, Jimmy King, Uncle Charlie’s Great-Nephew, became the sole owner of King Church Furniture, Inc.

Jimmy King began working at his Great Uncle’s furniture business around the age of fourteen. He would work after school and on week-ends sweeping the floor and doing other odd jobs. When he was old enough to drive, Uncle Charlie had Jimmy drive him to sales meetings. After college, Jimmy continued working with the family business as a salesman and later as the general manager. Now, as his family business’s owner, he continues the work of generations past.

In 1996, King Church Furniture moved from its original location in Napier Field to its 21,000 square foot manufacturing plant. They have continued to build and grow as a company. Our facility now encompasses more than six acres and 68,000 square feet of manufacturing and storage warehouses.

King Church Furniture has a staff of seasoned woodworkers and only uses premium oak, ash, maple or other exotic wood species.  They never incorporate veneers over press wood or other substrates.  They mill everything in house, under one roof and do not outsource any components.  They always welcome visits, so plan a tour of their facilities today!


King Church Furniture provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All products that are built!

Our Warranty is for a full 25 years! 

This is NOT a service contract that is based on your performance of scheduled maintenance; this is NOT a prorated contract that only covers a percentage of the cost based on the number of years installed; this is NOT a lifetime warranty that churches have been disappointed with!

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